Game 15593
Giants Vs Patriots
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Sharron151 Let's go Giants!
dean.collins lol at a "Sports Palace" a
little over the top dont you think
#twitter #facebook
dean.collins sound like lots of Giants fans
in the house tonight #facebook
dean.collins brad looks like Facebook is
having a problem with their API's in
keeping up tonight OR are you able to
post -#facebook- without the dashes
and it works for you?
bradatslice Kick off? Can't get a live
stream in Australia - bummer
dean.collins @Brad- yep NBC is geoblocking,
you need a USA address to get it
bradatslice Not logged in via FB but I
will if you want
BernieTB Brad, try
dean.collins should work with or without FB
login just post HASH Facebook
without the gap and we'll see, looks
like twitter is slowing down here
as well
dean.collins lol
dean.collins ha ha at BudLight
Platinum....the marketing speak in their ads
cracks me up #twitter
dean.collins ha ha first tackle on
Brady....of course its going to be late
#twitter #facebook
bradatslice When's the first ad break and
who is the advertiser?
dean.collins lol its nfl superbowl at $3m
for 30 seconds been 3 sets of ads
already :)
dean.collins lots and lots of ads during
the superbowl....lots and lots of
dean.collins interestingly this year most
have been released aready on
YouTube etc by the brands instead of
secret launch
dean.collins hey snowdogg
snowdog2112 whats up
dean.collins 21 years ago since the last in
goal intentional thats
one for the record books.
JosephMcelroy Sup
bradatslice Bernie only has a US
and a UK stream So how's it
dean.collins wow 17 plays to 1....this has
to go Giants way #twitter
JosephMcelroy Who was the girl singer in the
Pepsi ad with Elton John?
dean.collins yeh i was wondering as well
dean.collins can you imagine flavour flav
being paid just for a 3 second laugh
and that was his whole shoot...
BernieTB Yeah? Are you after a OneHD
stream or just *any* vision to watch?
bradatslice Any vision
dean.collins hi melling
melling hi
melling I'm now a registered user...
JosephMcelroy Yeah it was a odd commercial
BernieTB So, VIPBox is working? Usually
they're pretty good at getting decent
streams up.
JosephMcelroy Good pass
dean.collins lol this is lookng liek an
upset early
JosephMcelroy Pats defense looks,bad
bradatslice Touchdown #twitter
melling wow, this isn't going to be a
fun it it's a blow out.
dean.collins Pats offense must be chomping
at the bit to get out there, 1
play only and almost finished 1st
JosephMcelroy Funny
Sharron151 Good M&M's commercial!
dean.collins WOW!! nice ad from Best Buy
dean.collins i hadnt heard that one talked
about in advance, some amazing
mobile app developers there
JosephMcelroy Yeah both good
snowdog2112 ok im not watching the game
not by choice but did giants just
score a td
dean.collins though not sure about kurzweil
giving mobiles "a voice"
dean.collins @SNDG yep
snowdog2112 ha yes4
dean.collins 9:0 Giants
dean.collins oscar hey dude
oscar.oscar hey hey.
dean.collins the #facebook feature is
busted...soemthing wrong with their API
JosephMcelroy What a tackle
dean.collins but #twitter works fine
oscar.oscar watching online is bothering
me. ;)
dean.collins why is it bothering you?
screen not big enough?
dean.collins 110" here budy :)
JosephMcelroy This is gonna be high scoring
oscar.oscar curse you.
dean.collins well thats the first qtr, my
money is lookign good :)

off to grab soemthing to eat,
back soon.
JosephMcelroy Ttyl
dean.collins huh where is the dog getting
doritos from?
melling anyone watching the internet
streaming? I don't think I'm getting the
real commercials
melling lots of repeats
oscar.oscar I'm getting alot of pain in
the ass commercials from rainn
wilson telling me to watch
oscar.oscar and like 100 commercials for
act of valor.
melling same here
dean.collins these running/passing stats
are like for a whole game...we're
only in second qtr.
dean.collins ...quick call the fbi someone
stole a superbowl team -these
patriot have to be imposters
JosephMcelroy Just what I need Beckmann
melling NE will be putting another
touchdown on the board in 2nd quarter
melling so much time left
JosephMcelroy Defenses are settling down
JosephMcelroy Gd avengers Facebook movie is
flash. Not good for iPad
dean.collins wow whoever spent $3m +
production costs for that
commercial deserves to be fired #twitter
JosephMcelroy Yeah
dean.collins ha ha ok dorittos bungie baby
was good
melling Is NE getting 3 or 7?
dean.collins lol maybe the patriots offense
are saving themelves for the
second half #twitter
melling 7!!!
dean.collins lol ok this will make the
second half more interesting...
dean.collins i'm glad about that, i'd
prefer a closer tougher game than a
melling Now, the Giants are down after
leading for 29 min and 45 seconds.
melling That crap stings.
dean.collins anyone else noticing that
facebook is hardly any
traffic, must be having scaling
issues....or people are over social media
melling There's a button to watch the
super bowl ads on the internet
version. Gotta catch up on the ads now.
dean.collins ok back after halftime show -
off to eat :)
dean.collins madonna is nailing the
halftime show #twitter
dean.collins lol just read "madonna just
won the superbowl" i'd have to
agree with that
melling no madonna on the Internet.
I'm gonna have to buy a tv
dean.collins lol or go spend $50 on drinks
in a bar.
melling yeah, but I'm not that excited
about the Giants.
melling it could get ugly if I get
excited about NE scoring.
melling i just want a great game
melling This scroll window only allows
about half a dozen msgs.
melling it should be bigger.
melling I'm on a 30" screen
dean.collins will be interesting to see
"what patriots team" comes out from
melling The "dynasty" is coming out
dean.collins @Melling, point noted, its in
the trac list of things to work
on, makes it hard when chats fly
dean.collins ohhh noooooooo
dean.collins this is going the wrong
melling If they Giants don't answer,
we're going to start hearing the
talk of the dynasty
dean.collins lol, nailed it
dean.collins manning rocks
dean.collins field goal is ok but should
have made the first down for 7
dean.collins ok finally we get to see the
Lexus ad, not bad - car looks GREAT
though. #twitter #facebook
dean.collins oops honda NSX of course
dean.collins ok finally we get to see the
Honda NSX ad, not bad - car looks
GREAT though. #twitter #facebook

dean.collins argh this is killing me - 12
yards to go!! #twitter
dean.collins wtf another field goal
melling Giants are doing fine.
dean.collins yeh i know there is still time
but whats the deal with all the
field goals instead of getting to
the end zone.
dean.collins wow cool

The production NSX is not
expected to be produced until 2015 and
will be built at the Marysville
Auto Plant in Marysville, Ohio. An
advertisement for the vehicle began airing
in early January 2012, featuring
Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno
melling points on the board. that's
all that matters.
dean.collins @Melling yeh i guess
dean.collins wow what was brady thinking??
melling my neighbors are shouting. Am
I missing something?
melling i think I'm getting a little
dean.collins turnover to the giants then
they fumbled next down
melling that interception must have
happened a minute before I saw it
dean.collins how about a faceguard penalty
dean.collins I liek that teh giants are
wearing down time before scoring a
touchdown but the tension is killing me
melling they can't burn enough time
off the clock. bad idea
melling they need another possession
in case NE scores
melling Time to score
dean.collins yeh this turnover punt has
hurt them
melling I want 3 touchdowns in 9
minutes and I don't care who gets them
melling fireworks!
dean.collins agree, close exciting games
are best but especially good when
the Giants win :)
dean.collins wow 600 times without a
fumble...that has to be a record
melling Dueling quaterbacks is fun
melling I'm just seeing ads. is the
game on?
dean.collins lol just trying to pay the
dean.collins argh this sucks #twitter
melling 4Q started at 9pm
dean.collins we're down to 4.48 and
melling and only 1 timeout
melling Now NE is burning the clock
dean.collins yeh thats going to cost us
melling NE gives up the ball now and
there will be plenty of time
dean.collins ok 3.46 to go and 1 touchdown
required!! #twitter
melling one field goal
melling 3 points!
melling piece of cake
dean.collins he got his feet down for sure
melling i saw that play 30 seconds
melling wtf!!!
dean.collins better than not watching at
melling if the giants score, I'm going
to hear the sound of neighbors
melling you should hide the System
msgs for us. it's 4 lines
dean.collins lol the kicker on the sideline
is starting to sweat already :)
dean.collins i guess thass why they pay
them the big bucks to do nothing
but kick a ball
dean.collins the system messages are to let
you know soemone joinsed the room
BUT they stop when there is more
than 5 people in a chat room
bradatslice is it still 17:15
dean.collins yep
melling for another minute
dean.collins but they are 18 yards from
scoring at 2min warning so its the
giants game to lose from here
looks cool
dean.collins lol can you imagine the Giants
kicker screws up if it goes to 10
yards field goal #twitter
dean.collins wow thats soem ballsy strategy
dean.collins If brady makes it to the
endzone in 57 seconds he's a legend
dean.collins BRADY SACKED!!!!!!!
dean.collins how cool is this
melling not on my screen
dean.collins on the edge of my seat here!!
dean.collins sorry dude, keep forgetting
you are 30 seconds behind on the
melling i just saw 2 dropped passes
melling brady sacked
melling this is no way for NE to go
melling the end of one dynasty the
start of another
dean.collins fuck fuck fuck 9 secs left
dean.collins last play for sure 5 secs
melling 17 seconds here
dean.collins see you all next year at
(or one of our other
dean.collins Congrats to the
for a great
Superbowl win
melling great game
melling Hoboken is going wild!!
melling Eli's hometown
dean.collins lol thanks for chatting, see
you next season
folse1232 maass u there

folse1232 maass u there
folse1232 hello

folse1232 hello
maass hey
not a giants fan but didnt
want to see the patriots wibn
maass *win