Game 19522
Ravens Vs 49ers
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Jackieblue I'm excited
dean.collins so are we
fans or are we here
supporting the loosing side :P
dean.collins lol lets face it....6 has such
a nice ring to it :)
Jackieblue yes Dean
Jackieblue Quest of Six
dean.collins lol no way anyone with respect
is lip synching anything this
superbowl...regardless of how "under the weather"
they feel #fb
Jackieblue Oh Colin Kaepernick. You can
do this.
dean.collins he's agent is praying this
entire game
dean.collins lol whens his contract up for
renewal? next time around its going to
dean.collins wow how Ogdens geting the
biggest cheers out of all of them
dean.collins well its all over... #49ers
win the toss along with everything
else in this game #tw
dean.collins calling it now :)
dean.collins cant wait to see the Superbowl
in NY/NY next year! #tw
dean.collins Outdoor stadium and in the
cold.....thats how football should really be
Rooting for the 49ers here!!!
dean.collins maybe Bears - Jets next year
mkohn That would work for me. Dean
dean.collins some good cold weather teams
to go with the outdoor stadium
mkohn Damn...Ravens draw first
blood. :(
dean.collins lol dont know what the temp in
Chicago is today but is 33f here so
next year could be cold too
mkohn Temp here is 23 F
mkohn 7-0 Ravens so far
dean.collins ah crap....plenty of time
will get back.... #fb
dean.collins lol M&M's first memorable
commercial so far #tw
Jackieblue darn it
mkohn Dean are you in two rooms at
the same time? How do you do that
dean.collins what do you mean by two rooms?
(lol sorry for the delay...was just
turning the chicken wings in the
mkohn That's ok Dean you had a link
to the 49ers fan list and thought
it was another room.
mkohn ah crap....plenty of time


will get back.... #fb
dean.collins nah when you post # and either
FB or TW it will post out to
Facebook and Twitter - was just putting
the 49ers hyperlink into there so
people on my facebook page etc would
see it.
dean.collins wow ravens defense jsut
standing around waiting for smeone else
to take him down
mkohn yep....hehe
mkohn i just yelled for Kap to fake
to Gore and run and he did it (a
few mins ago)
dean.collins nice roll he didnt even feel
the hit
mkohn how do the niners get the ball
in for a TD? Suggestions?
mkohn C'mon David Akers..get the FG
dean.collins ah suck!
mkohn 7-3 Ravens
dean.collins i mean its good to have the FG
advantage....but only if there is a TD this qtr
mkohn Definitely
mkohn Anyone else in the room but
you and e Dean?
mkohn sanfranwins, how are ya?
Watching the game?
sanfranwins good yes
dean.collins is it just me or hardly any
"memorable" commercials yet
sanfranwins none
mkohn nope it's not just you.
Jackieblue none
sanfranwins wow bs catch
Jackieblue what's going on 49ers
dean.collins mmmm starts
monday #fb
mkohn 7-3 Ravens end of 1 quarter
dean.collins it could just be me but
seriously 49ers seem to have more slick
moves happening
mkohn monday #fb
mkohn 7-3 Ravens end of 1
dean.collins though ravens QB is seriously
pin point accurate when he gets
the time
mkohn First and goal for the
Ravens..#tw #fb
dean.collins hmmm
dean.collins this isnt lookign good
dean.collins lol ok liked the Bud #HereWeGo
commercial #fb #tw
dean.collins UGHHH WTH!!!!
dean.collins Do you think the pressure got
to him? #tw
dean.collins lol when was the last time you
saw a FG fake in a superbowl?? #fb
mkohn Coca Cola commercial is
dean.collins would have been better if it
explained what
actually was about
dean.collins though maybe they jsut wanted
people to enter the url and be sold
once they got there etc.
mkohn cokechase means that the
winner of the coke chase is whoever
the public votes for i think
mkohn that's what happens at
mkohn Taco Bell ad was stupid
dean.collins lol had me and my wife
laughing :)
mkohn sketchers ad was dumb too
dean.collins yep
mkohn after the 49ers had a comeback
victory over the Falcons, maybe
they'll do it again vs the Ravens
mkohn Damn....the niners have their
work cut out for them
mkohn 21-3
dean.collins ugh this sucks #tw
mkohn 21-3 Ravens lead the
mkohn well i look for the 49ers to
compose themselves at the half and
come out roaring.
mkohn 49ers are threatening....
dean.collins hmmm not sure if threatening
is the word i'd use to describe
them at the moment....... going to
be a tough 3rd qtr
mkohn no shit
dean.collins tough way to try and win a
SuperBowl FG's
dean.collins back after half to
raid desert :)
mkohn yeah niners won't win if they
just kick FGs..they are going to
need some touchdowns
mkohn i don't like beyonce
dean.collins ok sorry but Madonna kicks
Beyonces butt #fb #tw
dean.collins so do you think they can come
mkohn I hope so!!!!
dean.collins game over...ugh at least the
#Ravens were nice about it and
squashed my dreams early in the 3rd qtr
rather than allowing me to have hope
dean.collins lol lights just went out in
the dome....some maintence guy
tossed a beer i bet and went home
disgusted by the 49ers :)
dean.collins Do Over!!!! lets come back
tomorrow....maybe the 49ers can get their shit
together by then :) #fb #tw
dean.collins ha ha...players and coaches
will deal with the "lights out"
just fine....meanwhile the
announcers are shitting bricks trying to
find things to say.
mkohn this will be interesting to
see how the announcers keep things
interesting during this "lights out" :)
dean.collins Beyonce's lip-syncing used up
all the power
mkohn there ya go, dean
dean.collins think of all the conspiracy
theories that are going to come out if
#49ers come back from this #LightsOut
#fb #tw
dean.collins hey PB
PackerBacker101 what it is
Jackieblue ? Still a 49ers Fan ?
? Game is still on ?
? Never give up without a
fight ?
dean.collins could have been worse....could
be PG vs Jets in NY/NJ next
year....sitting around in the cold waiting for
the lights
PackerBacker101 Hows everyone doing? Go
dean.collins lol at fat lady warming up in
the dark
PackerBacker101 wow theres a whole 6people
mkohn get the Ravens fan outta here!
dean.collins so PB use the Tweet on twitter
and Publish on facebook to invite
PackerBacker101 shouldnt you be busy chopping
power lines?
Jackieblue still a 49ers fan here. Have
dean.collins i'm surprised the announcers
arent breaking for more commercials
at $4m per 30 seconds...would be
more entertaining as well. #fb #tw
Jackieblue It's the sign that the game
will change. Niners is getting back
dean.collins if 49ers come back jackie the
conspiracy theories will go nuts!!
PackerBacker101 so who else enjoyed the first
ever 109 yard punt return lol
dean.collins lol i did...guy deserved it
all the way
dean.collins that one is going to turn up
in trivia questions for years!
PackerBacker101 ]\\\\\\\[
PackerBacker101 ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]-
PackerBacker101 ;
dean.collins yes we can see you PB
PackerBacker101 sorry that was my 1yr old lol
dean.collins lol so make that 7 users - ha
PackerBacker101 lol
dean.collins he almost makes more sense
than what these announcers are
saying.... cut to commercials guys!
dean.collins FOUND! The culprit who turned
off the lights:

dean.collins Kanye walks in and turns off
the lights. I'm sorry Baltimore,
I'm gonna let you finish but
BEYONCE had the best performance of
all time!!!
mkohn Didn't know people can sign on
as anonymous
mkohn thought once they get on here
they have to register in order to
dean.collins you cant, it is saying to them
hey you need to sign in to comment
mkohn yet we have 3 anonymous users
logged in....i don't get it...
dean.collins wow dont get it how come they
couldnt go to a single commercial
during the #LightsOut
PackerBacker101 do they only have a certain
amount of commercials ?
dean.collins PB yeh i was wondering if they
have a timeline they need to follow
for $Paid slots etc
mkohn Hard to believe this is the
LAST football game of the season
dean.collins eg you paid for 3rd qtr///Bud
paid for 4th qtr
dean.collins you would think they have some
"backups etc" what happens if a player
gets hurt on field etc.
PackerBacker101 true
Jackieblue 49ers all the way
PackerBacker101 im sure they have a couple
commercials on reserve incase they have
some extra time and can make an
extra 5 million in 30 sec..but i
dono about enough for a 30min power
PackerBacker101 we watching the same game
dean.collins lol
RT @cjsports1
An extra 34 minutes to think
about it and you still stuck with
Kaepernick, 49ers must not want to win
PackerBacker101 what are they supposed to do?
Ok Alex I guess you can go in now
that were at the sb...
dean.collins yep jackie...i hate to say it
but i think "6th" willl have to
wait until next year
Jackieblue Have faith
Jackieblue Kaepernick will do something.
I have faith in him.
dean.collins WOW OMG!! Oreo did an
avertisement that fast about #LightsOut
PackerBacker101 lol nice
PackerBacker101 hes gonna do someting alright,
hes gonna watch Ray Lewis get his
ring. Put that in your time capsul
Jackieblue Finally, touchdown. I told you
guys have faith
PackerBacker101 fluke.
dean.collins we'll i said if
49ers win after the #LightsOut
...the tinfoil brigade are going to
go nuts
mkohn fluke my ass....they are
coming back just like they did vs the
mkohn what is the tinfoil brigade?
dean.collins conspiracy theory people (eg
tin foil hats)
dean.collins lol some of my best friends
...... :)
mkohn fortunately I don't know
anyone in the tinfoil brigade lol
mkohn now the niner defense needs to
get going
Jackieblue Defense
mkohn Flacco got sacked!!!
Jackieblue Finally, defense is doing
there job
PackerBacker101 that was a baltimore mistake
PackerBacker101 just sayin
PackerBacker101 LOL at dudes 30k camera
smacking the ground
dean.collins wow....starting to dream
dean.collins yeh i saw that Ouch thats
gonna cost
Jackieblue Guys, Have Faith...
Jackieblue Touchdown
Jackieblue I told you Guys. It's all
about Faith
mkohn Packerbacker couldn't handle
the 49ers surge lol
dean.collins that was pretty quick, if we
can get another one this
qtr........if only
dean.collins lol @Max, yeh i noticed that
PackerBacker101 i didnt leave, it lied to you
mkohn oops he's back
PackerBacker101 i said "what happened to the 3
posession game I was just watching"
PackerBacker101 and then *Poof*
mkohn rofl that's what happens when
you back the Ravens lol
PackerBacker101 im backing ray lewis more than
the ravens
dean.collins ha ha....the server admin must
be a 49ers fan
mkohn it's a one possession game now
PackerBacker101 Green and Gold Baby packers
for lifeeee
the score i believe is 28-20
mkohn In the 3rd quarter, the score
is 28-20. #facebook
mkohn In the 3rd quarter, the score
is 28-20
mkohn crap
mkohn In the 3rd quarter, the score
is 28-20 #twitter
dean.collins ok the #Clydesdale commercial
is winning so far #tw #fb
PackerBacker101 i like the jeep one
PackerBacker101 actally choked me up a tad
mkohn finally this is a game!!!
PackerBacker101 109 yards to go
mkohn i think the power outage
helped the Niners..maybe the guy who
handles the lights is a 49er fan lol
dean.collins ha ha 109 yards to go
dean.collins this app needs a + comments
button :)
PackerBacker101 lol
mkohn why are they making a big deal
about the power outage...both teams
were affected. it's not the
outage's fault the niners were affecte
positively and the ravens negatively LOL
PackerBacker101 ffs
mkohn what is ffs?
PackerBacker101 for fxckssake
dean.collins ha ha ha conspiracy nuts are
going to have a field day about
#LightsOut #fb #tw
mkohn oh yeah dean
Jackieblue we are all watching the same
PackerBacker101 i want ray lewis to get a ring
mkohn Jackie do you like the Niner
Jackieblue Never give up
PackerBacker101 yussss
PackerBacker101 sigh
dean.collins they need to go for the 2!!!
dean.collins 2 yards i mean
dean.collins dont do the kick again!!
Jackieblue mkohn, yes i love the
mkohn Dean, should they have tried
to get the 2 yards?
PackerBacker101 that tackle.
dean.collins why go for just the FG, should
have run it for the down and then
gone for TD
PackerBacker101 did they get a 1st down off
the penalty?
PackerBacker101 3 points > no points
dean.collins PB no but they were only 2
yards short for a down
PackerBacker101 might as well be a mile when
you got ray lewis backed into a
dean.collins take the risk and run it in on
a fake.
PackerBacker101 OOoo the 4th quarter is gonna
be juicy lol
Jackieblue hahaha
mkohn Pierce for the Ravens was
shaken up
PackerBacker101 they shoulda thrown a mid
sized bomb for the end zone
PackerBacker101 wtf
PackerBacker101 10 sec is more than enough for
1 play -.-
PackerBacker101 o well
mkohn 4th quarter will definitely be
mkohn Pierce is being taken out of
mkohn that is gonna hurt the Ravens
PackerBacker101 heya f00tba11
f00tba11 hi
dean.collins lol cool name f00tba11
f00tba11 i am new
f00tba11 to this
f00tba11 thanks
mkohn hi f00tball
PackerBacker101 ravens or 9ers??
mkohn i'm pretty new to this too
dean.collins btw you realise now that your
personal profile page is

f00tba11 9ers
PackerBacker101 take a seat over there -.-
f00tba11 but i do like the ravens a
mkohn PackerBacker you're alone
rooting for the Ravens
PackerBacker101 Im seeing this
dean.collins ha ha PB is the only one for
the Ravens in here :)
but he's big and ugly enough
to take care of himself :)
f00tba11 did you not just see the most
amazing pack ever
mkohn amazing pack?
f00tba11 the 9ers are makeing a good
PackerBacker101 well the packers are out of
it, and ray lewis isnt coming back
next year. as a fellow line backer
I have to root for him
mkohn yes they are
f00tba11 sorry wrong word
f00tba11 why
mkohn what word was wrong?
dean.collins of course he nailed
see they should ahve gone for the
f00tba11 did the ravens have to make a
mkohn yeah Ravens got a FG
mkohn now niners will get another TD
f00tba11 well pb they are winning for
mkohn not KNOW, but NOW
PackerBacker101 they been winning all night
PackerBacker101 Kap doesnt deserve a ring yet
mkohn yeah but not for too much
longer...niners are surging
PackerBacker101 imo
PackerBacker101 maybe im just salty cuz he ran
for 183 yards against us but hey.
a trip to the big show should be
f00tba11 man but caps are awsome
dean.collins ok the "Farmers" #Ram
commercial wins, i dont care what comes
after this!
#fb #tw
PackerBacker101 Kap, as in Kaepernic
PackerBacker101 however you spell his stupid
f00tba11 no caps as in large letters
PackerBacker101 nvm.
mkohn chatting in all caps is
yelling...there's no need to yell in here :)
f00tba11 oh i didnt think of it like
PackerBacker101 whats with all these
multifakes per down by the 9ers? I dont
remember it like that in the last few
games of the season
f00tba11 ohhh yeah look at that
PackerBacker101 kids got an arm..ill give him
f00tba11 yeah
f00tba11 poor alex
mkohn why poor alex?
PackerBacker101 cuz hes sitting on the bench
mkohn if niners win, he'll get a
super bowl ring without having to do
a thing
f00tba11 yeah
PackerBacker101 he did lots
PackerBacker101 then he got a concussion lol
f00tba11 look at this. it cost me
mkohn yep and Kap has done well ever
mkohn Yeah Alex has been demoted to
backup quarterback
PackerBacker101 ravens need a ray lewis speech
PackerBacker101 fucking kaperfuck
mkohn game is nearly tied
f00tba11 oh yeah!!
f00tba11 still one more half
f00tba11 oh wait
PackerBacker101 err
f00tba11 never mind
mkohn no there isn't..this is the
4th quarter
f00tba11 yeah i just saw that
mkohn if we hold the ravens to no
more than a FG and get another TD,
niners will grab the l ead
f00tba11 our we the only ones that go
on here
f00tba11 i meant are
PackerBacker101 you would think for #1 in
google search results this place
would have thousands
dean.collins @PB I'd love if it had 1,000s
of people.....i should, be sure
to pass it on to your freinds and
let people know about it and the
PackerBacker101 is this your site dean?
dean.collins check out more at

f00tba11 i have a friend who would love
this site
dean.collins eg
etc etc
PackerBacker101 right on
PackerBacker101 i tweeted about it
dean.collins if you post a comment and the
# with either TW or FB it will
auto post out to your link
dean.collins eg
dean.collins cant believe he dropped that
#tw #fb
f00tba11 oh pass
f00tba11 interference
Jackieblue ;-)
PackerBacker101 byebye
dean.collins ha ha friend of mine posted

Howard Greenstein

There is no spot for "Power
Outage" on the NFL MVP ballot.
Jackieblue GO 49ERS
Jackieblue DEFENSE
f00tba11 DEFENSE
mkohn come on, intercept!!!
mkohn not sure i would have
challenged that spot on the field
f00tba11 haha
f00tba11 that was a good commercial
f00tba11 sorry got to go bye everybody
dean.collins come on lets make this happen
mkohn bye Football
dean.collins i know a lot can happen in
7mins but hurry up!!
mkohn crap
dean.collins ok that was a smooth catch,
kudos where it is desereved
dean.collins ok so #Ravens FG....lets get a
#49ers TD+conversion going, this is
getting tight@!! #fb #tw
mkohn yes it is
dean.collins ok folks you couldnt have
asked for more intense
finish....lets gooooooooo
dean.collins lol just blew a
few million in your next contract
dropping that ball!
mkohn but Crabtree earned the right
to ask for more in his next
dean.collins !!!!!!!!!! 7 yards!!!!!!!!!!
#fb #tw
mkohn First and goal for the Niners
mkohn 3rd and goal
dean.collins wtf why did they call a time
out there?
mkohn That should be game..a few
knees and the game is over. oh well.
mkohn Niners tried at least to make
it a game.
mkohn nothing short of a miracle
will give the niners the win
dean.collins even if he made that ball he
would have been out of bounds
mkohn 49ers have nothing to be
ashamed of. They are still the NFC
mkohn Gee wonder why Packerbacker
left the room..his team is going to
mkohn Well i'm glad he's not going
to gloat.
dean.collins well they deserved it i
reckon, we had our chance.
mkohn yep
mkohn Dean, take care and maybe our
paths will cross again.
dean.collins Well congrats to the #Ravens
.I guess #49ers number 6 will
need to wait until next year.
mkohn Good night
dean.collins Thanks for joining
glad you
liked the idea. See you in the Fall
for next year otherwise check out
our other sites eg
dean.collins bye